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60% of ALL businesses have been sued by current/former employees in the past 5 years.

The average damages awarded is $375,000.

What happens if:

     ‚ You don't have proper training of your employees?

     ‚ One of your Managers fires an employee improperly?

     ‚ One of your employees claims he/she is being harassed by another?

     ‚ You have employed someone with a criminal background or who is here illegally?


Who do you call? What should you do?

The OGFA offers access to live Human Resources support as a way to protect our members.

     ‚ Get instant access to advisors to help with immediate issues

     ‚ Ensure compliance and prevent lawsuits from happening

     ‚ Reduce your workload as it relates to employee issues

See a List of Services below.

For questions or additional information, please contact:

Carlos Bartolomei

HR Workplace Services


480-302-6519 (P)     480-302-6521 (F)

Standard Services

Performance Management

HR Audits

Employee Handbook Review

Harassment & Discrimination Complaints


Job Description Review

Compensation and Total Rewards Programs

Policy & Procedure Review

Wage & Hour/Equal Pay Act Regulations

Leave Policies

Conflict Resolution

Employee Relations

Talent Selection & Retention

Statutory Compliance

EEO/ADA/FMLA Administration

HIPAA, ERISA Compliance

Recordkeeping Audit

Training & Development

Mandatory Training Program

Research & Surveys

Risk Management

Internal Investigations

In addition, we can assist your organization on a fee-basis in performing:

Drug Testing

Background & Reference Checks

Employee Handbook Development

Policy & Procedure Development

Job Description Development

Employment Agreements

Waivers & Separation Agreements

Candidate Interview and Selection Services

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements

Job Offer/Rejection Letters

Employee handbook Development

Policy & Procedure Development

Wage & Benefit Surveys

Employee Surveys

Compensation Studies